Your End Title is Our First Priority

Scarlet Letters can make a unique claim regarding end title crawls for motion pictures: We are the number one company in the world with this as our specialty. No other company composes as many end titles for theatrical release as we do.

Today we service both filmmakers and title design companies. We advise on running times, typestyles and designs that are functional and complementary to each project. While we always respect the creative process, we inform clients when we see potential problems. When creative challenges arise, we work with clients to find technical solutions.

We are sensitive to the needs of directors. From minute differences in the characteristics of letters to precise kerning and letterspacing, we are not an end title factory, but a team of craftsmen working quickly and efficiently. With us, it’s never “only an end title”. A deep background in typography has disciplined us to pay careful attention to proofreading and quality control, we’re highly motivated to get it right the first time.